Cyber Security Protection Tips

Cyber Security protection tips:

  • Lookout for fake sites and unsolicited emails. Early warning signs include spelling or grammatical errors, missing contact information, and suspicious URLs or email addresses. However, familiar names can also be used in order to deceive; always verify the sender before opening or accepting anything.
  • Limit the type of business conducted over open public WiFi connections, including logging in to key accounts like banking. You never know who is able to steal your information.
  • Often a website or application will ask for permission to save account information such as passwords or payment information. Never save credit and debit card information on the merchant’s website or app as this makes it vulnerable to be stolen. Password saving could also leave you vulnerable to have information stolen.
  • Use complex passwords and try to keep from using the same password across multiple platforms. Passwords should be complex and include a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Try not to make them anything personal that can be guessed easily.
  • Invest in a software security suite that offers real-time protection against existing and emerging malware, including ransomware and viruses to help protect your private and financial data.
  • Look for special indicators such as web addresses with “https://” that denote extra measures taken to help secure your information. Keep in mind anything that ends in .BANK are also assigned for exclusive use by financial institutions.